Identifying Official IRS Notices

Normal correspondence begins with a letter from the IRS, but be careful: criminals are even sending phony letters that look like official letters telling you to send money to the IRS. Letters from the IRS will never ask you to send money to any source other than the “United States Treasury.” If you have any questions about the authenticity of the correspondence, call the local IRS office and verify that the letter is authentic, or call a tax pro. Also, before you remit funds, check the validity of the address that is on the letter.

CP 14 This notice states there is a tax balance due. Commonly known as a 21day notice which you receive 60-90 days after you file on April 15th.
CP 2000 The IRS has information that does not match the information you stated on your tax return.
CP 501 IRS reminder notice; This is a 10 day demand of payment and IRS intent to issue a lien.
CP 503 IRS important notice; You did not respond to previous letters, they want to help, they want you to call and initiate an agreement.
CP 504 IRS urgent notice; The IRS will start an asset search. They may possibly levy certain assets. You should be prepared for a levy if you don’t call the IRS or a tax professional.
Letter 1058, LT11, CP 90, CP 297 The IRS has issued a final notice of intent to levy. Contact a Tax professional immediately!
Letter 3172 The IRS notice of Federal Tax Levy(FTL) Your bank account will probably be frozen or a garnishment will have been placed on your wages.